Switching formulas

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8. Jul 2021 20:11
Switching formulas
Dear expert team,

My daughter is 2 months amd a week old. From the beggining she is drinking pre combiotik. We tried once switching to combiotik 1 but due to continues green stools oir hebamme advised us to go back to pre.
She drinks 4cups every 3 hours (missing a meal only during midnight). So has been happy with the drinking however in the past 2 weeks she is suffering from.reflux after every meal. She never spits ups however she is suffering a lot and is unable to sleep laying down.

Would you suggest we try Bio anti reflux formula or hipp comb 1? Is there any known side effect from the bio AR like constipation?
9. Jul 2021 09:53
Re: Switching formulas
Dear „Vullnesa“,
your daughter should not suffer and should be able to sleep laying down. That`s why I recommend you to speek with your pediatrician. He can tell you if it is really necessary to switch to the HiPP Anti-Reflux formula. Don´t be afraid, constipation is not caused by this formula.
Otherwise try the HiPP BIO Combiotik 1 once again. This formula contains a little bit of starch which makes it a bit creamy so that the milk does not come up so quickly. It could help your baby.
And: green stools are not necessarily something you need to worry about.
There is a wide colour spectrum of what is still considered normal, ranging from mustard and ochre to green, brown and even greyish. This can vary from one baby to the next. The colour can change in the course of the child’s development and if the child is fed differently. As a mother you will often see a whole spectrum of colours. Green stools are also observed in breast-fed infants, for instance.
What is important is that your baby likes to drink the formula milk, grows age-appropriately, feels comfortable and seems to be satisfied.

Best wishes and a nice weekend!
Your HiPP Expertin
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